The Alberta Cup program is a core Hockey Alberta development program. It provides all players, coaches, trainers and referees an equal opportunity to discover the great qualities of competitive hockey in a well-organized and fair Zone Camp and Select Team competition.

The Zone Camps (one in each of the 8 zones) are designed to give all players, coaches, trainers and referees an equal opportunity to show their skills as well as receive top level instruction and evaluation from quality people identified by Hockey Alberta.  As part of the program, an emphasis is also placed on the development and identification of Alberta's best hockey people, that might have an opportunity  to represent Alberta at future national or international events.   The Alberta Cup leads able participants to the Program of Excellence in the second year of the development process.

The preparation and training of the coaches, trainers and referees for the Alberta Cup program is crucial to the success of the program and ensures quality leadership for the future of Hockey in Alberta.

Hockey Alberta routinely selects only the best available coaches, trainers and referees to develop but ensures their commitment to excellence and fairness in the program.

Objectives of the Alberta Cup

* Provide the opportunity for all male athletes born in 1986 to be a part of the Alberta Cup program.
* Ensure a positive educational development experience for all participants through care and attention to quality and fairness.
* Facilitate a unique, competitive, developmental experience to identify and train the most deserving candidates to represent Hockey Alberta through the Program of Excellence.
* To fairly evaluate and select athletes, coaches, trainers and referees to represent each zone in the Alberta Cup.


* Sixty-four officials (eight per zone) are invited to participate in each of the Zone Camps.
* Referees attend classroom sessions at the Zone Camp, and are also tested on-ice and supervised during games for their development.
* Twelve officials (two per referee zone) are invited to the Alberta Cup where they prepare through increased supervision and video feedback of their performance in each age.
* Officials who excel in the Alberta Cup program may be selected to attend the Provincial Development Camp held each year in conjunction with the Program of Excellence Under 16 Provincial Camp.

The Alberta Cup selection camp is the first step in the development process.  Two officials are selected from this camp to represent the North Zone at the Alberta Cup.  The officials who attend the selection camp are chosen from officials who have applied to attend the Development Camp.  The exposure at the selection camp helps officials advance within the zone, and possibly  leading to attendance at the development camp.

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