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Code of Ethics
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Contact the North Zone Supervision Coordinator by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why Do We Have a Supervision Coordinator? 

Each year the North Zone Executive appoints a Supervision Coordinator to assist in the development of officials throughout the zone. The Supervision Coordinator is responsible for setting goals for the program, act as a liaison between zone Referee-In-Chiefs and the executive on a supervisory level, supply supervisors to games in the zone, and to provide support and supplies to volunteer supervisors. 

The Supervision Coordinator is responsible for providing supervisors to officials who would like to be supervised. The Supervision Coordinator will do his best to provide a supervisor for the game provided he has received the request 48 hours prior to the game date. This will allow for everyone involved to plan ahead especially given that we are all busy and active officials. The Supervision Coordinator can also provide supervisors to tournaments when requested by an assignor or a rural RIC. Supervisors who volunteer their time out of town will be paid mileage and meals accordingly when approved by the Supervision Coordinator.

One of the main ways to track the progress of supervision in our zone is to collect and record the data from the supervision forms. The Supervision Coordinator is responsible for purchasing, distributing, tracking and entering the data from all forms circulating in the zone. This data is then compiled and presented to the general body and the executive. The data collected from forms is vital as it provides feedback on where we stand compared to the goals we have set for the program.

Goals of the Program

  • Development     - to enhance the skills and competency of our officials
  • Exposure          - to identify skilled officials throughout the zone.
  • Recognition        - to reward the efforts of those who contribute to the program.
  • Enjoyment          - to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of enhancing their skills.

Responsibilities of Supervisors

Code of Ethics

Opportunities for Supervisors

Throughout the year there are several opportunities for supervisors to become involved. Supervisors may become active in regular supervision of games played in the city and in their local communities. Supervisors may be asked by the Supervision Coordinator to supervise a specific hockey game and/or officials. Supervisors may be asked to supervise at specific tournaments such as the Alberta Cup ID Camp, St. Albert International Bantam AAA, and the Bill Kurcz Midget AA tournament not to mention the countless Hockey Edmonton and rural tournaments throughout the year. 

As you can see the supervision program provides for development and exposure for officials in our zone. With your assistance as an active official and supervisor we can continue to enhance the quality of our program in the North Zone. 



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