Hockey Canada has updated Tripping Rule 7.4 in the rule book for the 2016-17 season.


Rule 7.4(b), which pertains to slew footing, contains new language and penalties for this infraction. Rule 7.4(b) now reads:


A player who slew foots an opponent shall be assessed a double minor penalty plus a game misconduct if he is standing still while committing the foul. Should the player be moving (skating) or if an injury results from the infraction, the player shall be assessed a match penalty. A match penalty shall be assessed to any player who attempts to injure or deliberately injures an opponent with a slew foot.

Congratulations go out to North Zone officials Fraser Lawrence, Lacey Senuk, Devin Kohlhauser, and Suzanne Sawatsky who will represent the Zone in some high profile assignments already selected this season.

On April 18, 2016 at the North Zone Referees' Committee's Annual General Meeting, long serving member Stuart McDonald was recognized.

Congratulations to Ken Dentzien who was a recipient of the prestigious Dave Ganley Award! Ken will be presented his award at next season's general meeting. Congratulations also goes to Hockey Alberta Award winners Darryl Holt, Shelley Knowlton, and Jim McAuley.
North Zone Official Cole Feth was also a recipient of a Referee Committee Scholarship.

When one thinks of a professional, one imagines a serious, hard faced individual, only focused on the task at hand, without a sense of humour. That idea changed after meeting some of the NHL's finest. Myself, along with a fellow official, Brody McGrath, as well as some of our guests, were given the opportunity not many people experience in their lifetime, to meet four NHL on-ice officials. These men were some of the coolest and informative people I have ever met. They were fun group of guys to talk to and had some interesting stories. As a referee aspiring to move on to the next level of officiating, meeting these men was an unforgettable experience. 


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