When one thinks of a professional, one imagines a serious, hard faced individual, only focused on the task at hand, without a sense of humour. That idea changed after meeting some of the NHL's finest. Myself, along with a fellow official, Brody McGrath, as well as some of our guests, were given the opportunity not many people experience in their lifetime, to meet four NHL on-ice officials. These men were some of the coolest and informative people I have ever met. They were fun group of guys to talk to and had some interesting stories. As a referee aspiring to move on to the next level of officiating, meeting these men was an unforgettable experience. 

The North Zone would like to thank the Central Zone, South Zone, Peace Zone, North Central Zone and North East Zone this season for all the opportunities that were created for our officials this season. A lot of time and effort was put into making these assignments happen in which it has been appreciated by all!

Macs Cup Selections

Congratulations to the following officials for being selected to attend the 2015-16 Macs Cup in Calgary, December 26th to January 1st.

Male Selections - Alex Homer, Braxton Fox, Cody McElroy, Alex Verhaeghe, Keaton Lockwood, Denis Arskie, and Mac Anderson

Female Selections - Ashley Schneider, Suzanne Sawatski, Cassandra Gregory, Hayley Butz, Jessica Trombley, Michelle Gariepy

We know they will represent the zone well!

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As the season starts to wind down it is easy to get lazy and not put a great deal of effort into things like game reports. These are critical documents and a part of the job we are paid to do.

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